Advanced composite materials including carbon-composite has been taking advantage of the characteristics of light weight high strength, aviation and space development, has been used racing car, the robot. We, the composite design, consumers planning products that seek, material development from marketing, material selection, design and engineering, strength analysis, prototyping, development of the manufacturing process, ensuring the manufacturing base, ideas provision of production management system. It is regarded as a series of processes, including up to...It is not only the surface styling design.
MBJP can supply our knowledge about CFRP production in Japan and Eastern Asia. It is from the concept of planning relates to a composite material, to mass production per month several hundred thousand units. Unearthed a new application of the composite, it is the activities that create the market.
MBJP is building a cooperative relationship with domestic material manufacturers and molding plant. In addition, we have kept a good relationship with Taiwan, South Korea, China, France and South African suppliers. We are challenging pursuit of the possibility of advanced composite materials manufacturing from the international perspective.

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